BLM, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

BLM:  What is its intent?

On the surface you at first believe BLM’s intent is to assure equal application of the law until their actions betray them.  You will find a vast majority of Americans do believe in equality.  But that is not BLM’s intent.

The three BLM co-founders describe themselves as trained Marxists. Marxism envisioned the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism by the proletariat (working class people) and eventually a classless communist society

So it appears that BLM is not seeking equality but rather seeking anarchy and division.  You need only look at the riots in Portland to see what they want. 

We all want equal justice especially the police.  Reality is when you hire human beings that have guns some good officers will make bad decisions and some may be found to have bias in applying law.  I would add one lost innocent life is one too many but if you set yourself in reality you realize this will always be with us. 

We can screen police hiring and be judicial in the overview of police encounters to minimize future problems but we will still have occasional bad outcomes.

The number of black people shot by police in 2016 was 234 whereas that same year 466 white people were shot by police. 2011 statistics show 48% of the crime that year was caused by white people whereas 49.7% by black people so the numbers being shot by police seem to be disproportionate toward shooting white people almost twice the average exposure to police.

BLM knows this but they inflame people by saying black people are being targeted.  Statistics just noted bear out that they do not.  BLM leadership is ‘farming’ the hate they stir and make a living at it all the while chipping away at this democracy.  Remember their goal is to destroy capitalism and in so doing this country.

Not agreeing with BLM does not make you racist it makes you intelligent and informed.  You can be against BLM and still be for equal justice. 

Recent history has shown though BLM already have the mandate of most communities in bolstering police training and hiring they continued to invoke ‘protests’ knowing they will degrade into riots and looting further bankrupting the coffers of local communities to meet basic services.  Remember their goal is destruction of this government.  They hide behind rhetoric noting they do not want violence while behind the scenes fanning the flames of hate.   Communism is named as a cause of 100 million deaths of their OWN citizens.  That form of government has been tested and proven egregiously immoral.

So I ask you not to support Marxist BLM but always support the rights of all.  In rare media releases you will see and hear BLM people demonize the police calling them racial epithets trying to prod them into something.  No way is this deserved.  Media only accidentally releases such items as they do not fit their narrative.

 If you support BLM after reading this you are complicit in their intent.  They have deceived you but now you know the truth.  What are you going to do with this truth?

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Poll to end all polls

Polling people for an opinion such as whether to impeach Obama is meaningless.  Those polled do not often have all the information to make an informed decision, so what good does a poll do other than make the public look like they actually are, uninformed sheep.  I include myself in that because it is just a human frailty.  So do not give to much weight to polls if you are trying to determine accuracy as the input of information has not been made in many with opinions on matters they do not fully comprehend.

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Eliminating Cash

We need to eliminate cash physically. It costs us too much to print money and mint coins. But the savings will not just be from the savings in not printing and minting money but from the underground economy. Those people that do not claim income they are paid cash in will now have to. Another biggie is the drug trade – they could no longer hide their transactions and if they do, it is subject to taxation. With today’s electronic society we have the ability to pull this off.
Other than those printers or minters that would be out of a job I do not see much of a down side to this. All transactions would be with a debit or credit card or those still using checks, they could still use checks.
I would love to hear from those that have positive or negative feedback on this possibility.

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